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Step into your truth.

Sarah Christine Gill is a modern-day intuitive spiritual guide for women to rebuild their inner self to embodied self-love and self-worth through a conscious connection to her heart, spirit, and Soul. Sarah Christine believes through this connection, women get to know their true authentic selves. Sarah guides women to feel safe in her body and free to express who she truly is emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Also, Sarah is especially dedicated to supporting women who desire to heal in preparation for  Motherhood to minimize passing on unhealed trauma to her children.

Sarah Christine is a professionally trained Licensed Soul Therapist™, Generational Healer®, and Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator mentored by Deborah Skye King of the International Soul Therapy School® in Canada.

Sarah lives in Washington state and works with clients globally in-person and online over Zoom. Begin working with her today in Soul Therapy Programs® to start your journey of healing and living your truth.

Sarah Christine was a healer before she ever claimed to be one. For as long as she can remember, Sarah Christine cherished her connection to the earth and to all living beings. Through hours on end as a child, she sprawled on the grass, watched the stars, played with animals, and sensed the energy of others.

Sarah Christine always knew she was part of something bigger than herself…

Wounded by a family history of emotional abuse, alcoholism, codependency, depression, and low self-worth, Sarah Christine decided to take full responsibility for her own healing at age 19. It was then that she headed for Arizona to begin her process of healing generations of trauma.

Through more than a decade of deep inner work, Sarah Christine is following her calling to heal not only herself, but also the planet. Her vision is to co-create a world where future generations can thrive, trauma-free.

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What can you expect when you partner with Sarah?

Sarah Christine’s intuitive gifts are to help you break free from the past and step into your truth. She meets you where you are with empathy and compassion—creating a safe space for you to blossom into your authentic self with grace, strength, and confidence.

The result? Less fear, a lighter heart, and more freedom to evolve yourself and the planet into a state of joyful authenticity. You are worthy of living your dream life! Working with Sarah is working with someone who has walked the path of complete inner and outer transformation.

What’s next for Sarah

Sarah is a dedicated, unschooling Mother to her two children, Emily and Sage, two years and five months in age. While being a stay at home Mama, she regularly supports clients in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. As a Generational Healing® teacher, she is looking for soulful entrepreneurs to take on as students to certify in Generational Healing®. Sarah very much looks forward to sharing with women who aspire to be Mothers her experience on her natural pregnancies and births, and how the Soul Parent work helped her have an incredible connection to the spirit of her children. If you are looking for a guest at your next retreat, workshop, or public event, Sarah would be delighted to consider guest speaking opportunities in the Pacific Northwest or virtually online.

Ready to part ways with your suffering and step into your truth? Connect with Sarah to inquire more about working with her in distance healing sessions and discover how she can support you on your path to healing and thriving.

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What a profound joy it is to work with Sarah as part of her Soul Parent Spiritual Child™ Program! In just two short sessions, I already feel more clarity around who I want to be as a mother and how I want to honor myself as a woman. Sarah is brimming with knowledge on navigating the journey from preconception to motherhood. She has such an instinct for what I need to heal and thrive. Sarah is a rare gem, a remarkable guide, and a powerful, loving force. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to live from a place of integrity and unconditional love!

Alana H., - Phoenix, AZ

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