Becoming a Mom

Becoming a mom this year has been the biggest blessing of my life that I didn’t know was possible. I never could have imagined this intensely beautiful feeling of love that I now understand and know. There is nothing like it.

Becoming a mom has completely transformed my heart. My heart has opened up and unfolded in the most beautiful ways fully welcoming universal, unconditional love into my life. That is a big statement for me to make because I’ve never experienced it until now at 35 years of age.

I had been working on immense healing and preparing for this experience since 2017 when I enrolled in my first Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Program with Deborah Skye King of the International Soul Therapy School®. It sunk in and resonated, but never more than right now being on the “other side” of the birthing experience.

Now I get it. I get why this program is SO needed in the world. Every single woman who is a Mother or wants to become one needs to do this.


Join Me This Friday, October 9, 2020 on Instagram Live for an Interview with Vanessa Faria


This Friday at 4 pm EST I will be joining my dear friend and colleague, Vanessa Faria, where she will be interviewing me about my experience of becoming a mom. I’ll be answering so many questions about my experience with pregnancy, birth, the intuitive spiritual connection to my daughter, and how the Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ work helped to prepare me for my initiation into Motherhood.

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