Distance Healing Sessions During the COVID-19 Crisis

I want to take a moment to communicate that all of my healing services are available as distance healing sessions during the COVID-19 crisis. I realize the world is going through rapid shifts and changes right now. I choose to believe and see the positive in everything that is happening. We may not understand it in the present moment, but I rest peacefully knowing there is a lot more happening to evolve us on a global scale that we do not yet see or can comprehend.

Change is healthy and good for us. The world is shaken up and fears have risen full force to the surface in millions of people. These fears are here for us to learn from and to heal. They are our teachers.

With social distancing the new norm in the coming weeks or months, there is no better time than now to commit to our healing and growth. I am still available to book healing sessions no matter what is happening in the world. I am here for you.

The Opportunity and Invitation to Heal

This is a special opportunity for us to go inward. We have been gifted the time and space by this virus pandemic to explore who we are on a deeper level and to cleanse what no longer serves our future. What will this new future look like? This is for you to unearth and create for yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone struggling and confused about how and where to begin.

I choose to keep myself available for distance healing sessions during the COVID-19 crisis so we can continue moving forward in our evolution and spiritual healing. That’s why I am inviting you to book a distance Generational Healing™ with me this week and the coming weeks. Healing your ancestral family lineages releases you from emotional pain and fears. And I would be so happy to hold space for you during these times of change to do exactly this.

Allow me to create an energetic space for you to feel calm, safe, and grounded in your body to help ease what is going on in the world with support from your ancestors and the healing vibrations of Sedona. Check with me for availability to begin this week by booking a time in my online calendar here.

Complimentary Soul Therapy Consultations

I am also still available to connect with you in exploring Soul Therapy Programs®. These programs may be a better fit for you if you are needing weekly therapeutic support to heal deeply held patterns that are causing you stress and emotional turmoil. Weekly, we will connect over Zoom video online where I will support you in revealing your core truths to shift you into greater awareness and understanding of who you are so you feel more empowered and clear to live your life with less fear.

Book a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation with me here to connect with me privately. Currently, I am only accepting clients in the 6-Week Awakening Sessions and 3-Month Heart Immersion Soul Therapy Programs® through March 31, 2020, before I give birth. Read more about these programs here.

Sarah Christine is a Licensed Soul Therapist professionally trained and mentored by Deborah Skye King of Soul Therapy School®. Soul Therapy is an intelligent energy that harmonizes and awakens you to your authentic self and core truth.

Sarah offers consistent, long-term guidance to promote lifelong healing and profound alignment in all areas of life. Her work creates less fear, a lighter heart, and more freedom to thrive. Book a complimentary Soul Therapy Consultation to begin healing your human conditioning and connecting with your authentic soul essence.

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