Everyone wants to move forward in life inching closer to what we think will bring us greater happiness, peace, love, and joy, but what do you do when you feel stuck in your past and can’t seem to shake it off?

Your thoughts emit energetic frequencies that affect your entire body, especially your emotions. So when you think about your past over and over, the stories continue to feed the energy loops that won’t let them go keeping them in a constant state of flow. But deep down what you actually want is a state of positive flow of new, more enjoyable, pleasant experiences! So how do you shake off your past?

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of the day overthinking a certain conversation you had with a person, wishing you had said something different, responded in a more empowering, truthful way, or obsessing over a situation that you wish you would have made a different decision about to better your life? Perhaps you’ve been carrying regret for many years of your life that you just can’t seem to shake, that feels very real and alive for you, even though it happened so long ago? And now that sense of remorse or unhealed resentment is still affecting you today in your emotional well-being, preventing you from feeling greater internal peace and the ability to fully detach from the past.

I hear this all too often from women who reflect back on their life feeling victimized and just plain stuck in asking “why did this happen?” instead of doing the work to understand it so that she can move through it, instead of staying stuck IN the experience. Sitting with leftover unhealed emotions in your heart is a pure distraction from being fully in the present and having the ability to evolve to your highest most loving, vibrant self.

Want to know something else I often hear women say?

“I just want to get over it. I want it to just go away. It’s in the past, there’s nothing I can do.”

But yet those past unhealed experiences are well and alive in her mind, heart, and spirit, continuing to play out. She is still talking and thinking about the past. The story is still unsettled, unprocessed, and still lingering in her awareness that is affecting her every day. The yearning to “get over it” is actually a request to go inward and nurture the fragmented pieces with gentleness and love. What is missing here? You, my darling! You have to show up to do the work and ‘meet’ what your body, heart, and soul is asking for to be healed.

Constantly replaying past experiences over and over in your mind is a habit that can be broken. At times, it can almost feel addictive depending on how deep the impact of the experience. It’s super uncomfortable to live this way. It creates inner anxiety, depressed emotions, fuels negative self-talk, and keeps you stuck in a place of feeling unworthy and definitely not in full self-love, which is where the magic of healing happens.

If you feel stuck in your past and can’t seem to shake it off, there is hope. These patterns and emotional attachments can be healed so that you feel lighter and free from your past that is robbing you of your full emotional freedom and self-expression so that you can live a happier life.

If this sounds like something you are needing support with and breaking through, let’s connect over a 30-minute complimentary Soul Therapy consultation where we will explore your life path journey together. Soul Therapy is life changing for women. If you are ready to get “unstuck” from your past, I am here to serve you and light the way to your emotional freedom.

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