The leftover emotional pain from the broken human relationships within a family can plague a person for decades of his or her life. We all desire to feel loved and accepted, to be understood, and to feel emotionally light and safe to be who we are. But, sometimes our family lineages create challenging experiences and circumstances for us to do so. Here I share with you key points on how to heal my ancestral trauma.

We are each born with inherited issues and limitations from our mother’s and father’s lineage, but it is our choice to either avoid the issues at play or to step up and take full responsibility for the healing that is needed.

Don’t like your families’ issues’ that drive you mad or cause you distress?

Do you feel victimized and feel like you don’t receive the level of compassion you deserve?

Do you get pissed off at what you see going on in your family and wonder why the disconnect and behavior continue to exist?

This is because no one is wanting to take responsibility, to do the inner healing work and to honor the wounds, and to understand where these traumas originated. This healing work is not only about you—step out of your ego please; this is for the collective whole of your family bloodlines, future generations to come, the health of humanity, Mother Earth, and yes, you receive the benefits, too. How are you showing up in the world to take responsibility for your spiritual well-being, if at all? How can you show up more?

Healing your ancestral trauma comes from within the heart where a true desire to transform and liberate past generations’ unhealed pain is desperately seeking relief. That desire is playing out in you and your family members, through the lack of self-love, emotional reactions and rejection, abandonment of self and others, judgment, self-sabotage, and avoiding the acceptance of one’s true self.

Humanity has lost its way in honoring and healing ancestral pain and trauma, and it is my mission to restore this sense of dignity on our planet.

The Journey Continues to Heal My Ancestral Trauma

Releasing myself from my ancestors’ pain and trauma is a continuous commitment and responsibility to honor my family lineages’ evolution on this Earth and the evolution of our beautiful planet.

I hold in reverence with great respect for their human experiences that caused them pain, and to clearly see how the leftover energy of their pain has been passed on and continues to live until there is healing.

To honor what they were unable to heal before they left this Earth realm, by stepping forward to heal myself and to teach others how to connect with and experience their ancestors.

And to feel deep in my body their parting love and wisdom that they offer to me, and you, daily, when invited to connect.

I learned so much while in Montreal 2 weeks ago during my 7-day Generational Healing™ training led by Vanessa Faria – Licensed Soul Therapist & Spiritual Guide where I received healing from 6 of my ancestors as part of my training. My heart is deeply touched, and humbled as a result of feeling this profound energetic, spiritual connection we share together. We are the expression of our ancestors, their stories, their unfulfilled experiences, and wounds that are asking to be set free, to be released, and most of all, loved.

I honor you and your ancestors’ unhealed pain. You are loved by your ancestors, and they want you to be free. Please take a moment today to connect with your ancestors. They are here for you, always willing, always desiring for healing and connection.

Healing With Your Ancestors: Live Generational Healing™ Demo in Scottsdale – November 15, 2018

Sarah Christine Graham is a Certified Generational Healer™ & Spiritual Guide to the ancestors to serve their spirit in releasing unhealed pain and trauma that continues to play out in your mother’s and father’s bloodlines. Trained and mentored by Deborah Skye King, Sarah completed a 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Apprenticeship training and initiation that prepared her to do the work of Generational Healing™.

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