Judging yourself and others is a defense mechanism of the human mind. It feeds limiting beliefs, fear, negative vibrations, and separates us from the frequency of unconditional love. The act of judging is an embedded mental pattern and energy loop that limits free-flowing energy to the heart. The energy patterns of judgment are limiting, constricting low vibes, and plain just don’t feel good when we are participating in them.

Here are a few examples of how judgment shows up in daily life:

Gossipping with your friends or coworkers, speaking negatively about a complete stranger’s choice of clothing, not loving your body if it doesn’t meet what society deems as a beautiful perfect body, negative self-talk, making decisions about a person based on his or her lifestyle when you’ve never met them or barely know anything about them, judging your finances and how you spend money, judging women who have had cosmetic procedures, viewing women who don’t have a full-time job who simply want to be a mother caring for her children are unworthy of respect or not as valuable in society, categorizing a person’s character if they went to a particular college, or didn’t go at all.

There is a night and day difference when we see others through the lens of the ego and the lens of the heart—the place where compassion, empathy, and humbleness lives. Being in the heart reminds us that we, too, are human with flaws and are not perfect. We, too, have our own issues that we have not yet dealt with fully.

When we judge, the ego is satisfied and pleased. It makes us feel powerful and mighty confident that what we are observing is below us (when judging others) or in self-denial (inability to face our own shortcomings), or guilt and shame (when judging ourselves for thoughts, decisions, and behaviors). It also creates a big veil of illusion that purposely and intentionally separates us from the truth—because it is just too painful to believe otherwise than what the ego has decided is true.

It’s painful to get honest with our own wounds that are triggering our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

It’s painful to be present with our feelings of inadequacy and self-worth.

It’s painful to acknowledge that we were wrong and made some mistakes.

It’s painful to take full responsibility for our experiences and all of the emotions associated with them.

It’s painful to surrender to the spiritual lessons asking you to go deeper within.

It’s painful to admit that who or what we are judging is reflecting back to us an unhealed part of our being.

The ego does not want to heal. It doesn’t want to feel pain. It doesn’t want to surrender to new ideas and information that will cause it to lose its power, detach from the story, set aside the excuses, and give up the justifications of why it judges and stays separate from love. The ego is in deep relationship to the comfort zone and thrives on separation.

Healing the pattern of judgment is a conscious choice to surrender to your wounds, to take an honest review and inventory of why you feel and think the way that you do. What part of you is incomplete that your ego is trying desperately to keep hidden from your conscious awareness? What is so scary and uncomfortable for you to admit to yourself? Is it really as scary and uncomfortable as your mind is making it out to be? How is this affecting your personal evolution?

Drop me an e-mail if this conversation resonates with your heart. I am here as your Spiritual Guide and Soul Therapist to hold sacred space and mentor you in releasing and healing your judgments and conditioned core wounds. It feels so much better to be in the heart, fully with compassion and connection with the frequency of love. Humanity needs this desperately. If you would like to work with me in weekly one on one Soul Therapist Sessions, book a complimentary 30-minute consultation to begin.

To read more about my background, visit my Soul Therapist page on the Soul Therapy School website below.


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