Every human is operating from a particular frame of reference. Your specific level of awareness and reality is completely different from every other person you encounter. This includes every single friend, family member, co-worker, lover, and stranger. All of you are different.

The environments and dynamics you have been living in and exposed to have shaped your reality and frame of reference to navigate life. You have a limited level of awareness – we all do.

What happens when you begin to remove the conditioning and pain points that have shaped your reality and understanding of who you are and how the world operates? What happens when all of those limitations you were taught to believe or projections from others of who you are supposed to be, disappear?

You begin to awaken your spirit and soul. You get to re-learn and remember who you are on a soul level; your vibrant spiritual essence begins to emerge. You claim your personal freedom. You remember why you are here, your special gifts, your unique offerings, and wisdom that you have accumulated over many lifetimes. Then you can begin to apply that wisdom and live out your life fully—speak, live, and embody your truth and life purpose without validation or approval from others.

You are not here to suffer and experience what seems like never-ending emotional and mental turmoil. No, you are not a victim. You are a fierce soul who came here to evolve and embody the wisdom teachings that have shown up through experiences that test your limits so that you can break through them and discover yourself. You are a spiritual being in a human body. You are here to journey and “become” your fullest, limitless self. This version of yourself right now is completely unknown to you — it’s unconscious.

If you are feeling a calling in your body, a soft voice in your head, a yearning in your soul to dive deep into yourself to uncover what has been suppressed, hidden, denied, stuffed down, let’s talk. Through weekly one-on-one Soul Therapist sessions, we can uncover and reveal your unique essence and soul’s desires, elevating the embodiment of your consciousness to move past the conditioning you’ve accumulated since childhood that inhibits who you are today. I am here to support the evolution of your soul with complete love, guidance, and wisdom.

Much love and blessings to your journey,
Sarah Christine Graham

Soul Therapist

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