Stillness is a virtue. There is a soft magic within the body, mind and spirit that is always available for you to access. When the body is able to experience stillness, it lovingly welcomes the space to simply be—still. When we sit in this quiet space it is as if time stops for a brief moment. We can begin to listen to the sound of our breathing, the soft whispers of our spirit, the sensitivities and yearnings of the heart, the inner guidance of our intuition and even sense and hear the subtle vibrations and pulsations of the cosmos if you’re really tuned in. Yes—this is a real thing.

But the mind does not always welcome stillness. The mind can resist and hold onto anything for dear life that is not stillness to distract, avoid, deny and reject the inherent needs of our being. For many, it is a very uncomfortable place to be. It has the potential to create a beautiful, supportive, loving space for spiritual connection, peace, emotional honesty, inner guidance, and can become your trusted spiritual teacher. But it can also creep up all of those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings you’ve been trying to avoid and keep buried from the light of day because we just don’t want to deal with them. When we sit and face our uncomfortableness, that means we have to do something about it and take action, which requires effort and taking responsibility.

Ironically, while I was awake at 4:30 am attempting to write this article, my partially deaf and blind cat, Monte, would not stop meowing, wanting food, and wandering around the couch disrupting my practice of being ‘still’ to draft this for you. She is like a young child who needs special attention and care. Monte disrupted me at least fifteen times—but I kept returning back to my stillness and eventually, this article came to life.

The ego mind has some incredibly strong defense mechanisms to avoid anything and everything that is uncomfortable. Yet it also thrives in its attachment to fears, insecurities, excuses, and stories. What happens when you meet these repeating energy loops of scattered thoughts, fears, and excuses? They begin to lose their power and dissipate. Through stillness, you can gently and lovingly witness all the swirling thoughts and emotions seeking space for acknowledgment, to be seen, heard and released for healing. This is the soft magic I am speaking of.

You are here to grow and evolve, not to stay stuck, powerless, and drowning in endless cycles of thought patterns, unsettled emotions, and behaviors that do not support your fullest spiritual potential. Why would you choose to stay in a place of limitations when you could be flourishing and expanding, and living life completely liberated from past emotional wounds and limiting beliefs? Which sounds more enjoyable and free? What is the worst thing that can happen when you connect with your stillness to guide you into greater peace, personal truth and freedom?

If you desire support in connecting with your stillness and to bridge the gap of your mind’s agenda to avoid pain and spiritually grow, let’s connect. Drop me a message here and share with me how you distract yourself and avoid your stillness, inner voice, less than pleasant thoughts or emotional pains. Understanding how you operate and calling yourself on your BS is the first step toward escaping the traps of the ego mind that want to stay in relationship to what is familiar.

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