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The old paradigm of how women should conceive a child, experience pregnancy, births her child into this world and becomes a mother is an outdated and unconscious act of fulfilling a 70 + year old society norm. It lacks the true meaning of what is ultimately taking place between soul and spirit in the physical between the child and mother. The current model is a limitation of the true potentiality of a women’s personal experience as a creator and bringer of life and is a spiritually vacant disconnection to the truth of the relationship between the spirit of the child and the soul of the mother.

Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ is an incredible new model of conscious parenting and honoring yourself as a woman, and the spirit of your child.



soul parent | spiritual child™
The moment has come for the world to value women as protectors and creators of all human life on planet Earth.
Deborah Skye would like to invite you on a journey to understand the incredible privilege it is being a parent, conceiving a child and giving birth from an elevated vibration beyond the limitations that society has projected for hundreds of years. Children want to experience being fully expressed in what they know is true to them. There is a lot to learn about being a mother today than just ten years ago, the next wave of children are arriving and new language, behaviors and beliefs come with them. Having spent two decades working with exceptional children and their mothers from different parts of the world and lifestyles, it is my responsibility to pass on the knowledge that I have seen and witnessed first hand.
Our program’s are dedicated to your personal evolution and your children’s inner harmony and balance in the world providing you with the knowledge and guidance giving you permission and the steps to allow your children to self expressing who you are, not what you want or perceive them to be.
Soul Therapy School® has developed whole systems to women, children and her family creating a unique education for the family to be kind, generous, grateful and honour each family member as part of an evolving landscape of our world.
Each program is delivered on a weekly basis giving space for you to review, integrate and ground your Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ experience in your body, mind and spirit. I offer you an evolutionary approach to honouring you in all aspects of your womanhood; mother, sister, daughter, woman and friend.

3 Months Program ~ Embracing Life Changes

Our Embracing Change Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ 3 month program is dedicated to women who desire to understand how to embrace change from the inside out. This being with her womb, fears, family issues and developing a strong foundation to begin building boundaries in her life to support her desire for emotional health. Key areas that are valued and supported; preconception, conception, birth,  newborn, changing family dynamics and relationships.

6 Month Program ~ Compassion & Expansion of Motherhood

Valuing yourself as you are right now as you grow and expand as a new or seasoned mother. Compassion allows your sensitivities to flourish and shine. The natural instinct as a women, to be feminine, nurturing and protective, all develop in stages. If you are seeking or finding yourself wanting to ground into your feminine nature and return your natural senses into a powerful place to expand from, then this 6-month compassion and expansion of motherhood program is for you. *This
is for women who are mothers or are about to become mothers

9 Month Program ~ Healing Mother & Family Wounds

Our mother is our strongest connection to our worth and self-love in the world. Inside the womb of our mother you receive messages on how she felt, thought and her relationship to the world, these also become part of your subconscious beliefs. Healing the mother, is to understand how your family wounds from generations past and present affect your ability to live in a conscious loving and purposeful way to model being a Soul Parent for your children. You will learn how to embody your womanhood as a powerful storehouse of creative energy that manifest, heals, anchors into the Earth and embodies her true worth in the world.
healing mother and family wounds
Who I desire to work with
  • Women who desire to connect with and honor the spirit of her children.
  • Women who need to learn to deeply trust themselves.
  • She wants to create a healthy energetic womb space that is rooted in love and healthy self-worth, not insecurities or fear.
  • She wants to learn more about how to model conscious parenting and do things differently than how she experienced her own parents, aligning herself with what is best for her child and lead her family in strong family values.
  • She doesn’t want to pass down her unhealed issues to her children, making a positive impact in supporting humanity’s evolution, and honoring the spirit of her child as well as her own.
  • She wants to be grounded in her power of choice and feel respected by her partner and family members.
What they are experiencing

Women who feel drawn to the SPSC model are women who want to have a conscious spiritual connection with their children and body. She wants to be grounded and empowered in her Mothering, and to do things differently. She wants to enjoy her pregnancy by being fully present to her experience and emotional bonding with her child. She is seeking a spiritual guide to support and mentor her in healing her womb and heart from past trauma. She wants to stand strong in her ability to honor and respect the desired outcome of her spiritual child.

What women will receive

Women who enroll in a Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ program will receive a personalized and powerful education of the many aspects of Motherhood. Many truths will be revealed and come to the surface for honoring and healing. She will develop a stronger voice. She will learn new concepts, practices, and feminine leadership to embody a deeper sense of personal empowerment and self-trust. She will discover new parts of herself that were previously unconscious and hidden, and so much more!

What women are saying

“What a profound joy it is to work with Sarah as part of her Soul Parent Spiritual Child Program! In just two short sessions, I already feel more clarity around who I want to be as a mother and how I want to honor myself as a woman. Sarah is brimming with knowledge on navigating the journey from preconception to motherhood. She has such an instinct for what I need to heal and thrive. Sarah is rare gem, a remarkable guide, and a powerful, loving force. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to live from a place of integrity and unconditional love!”

– Alana Helapitage, Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve had such an incredible experience working with Sarah. In just a few short weeks, so much has altered and changed.

Sarah knows how to fully show up for you and guide you through each session. We laugh together and she holds space while I cry. The veils that have been lifted have been there for years, and because of the amazing work she offers, I finally see myself in a different light and accept myself where I am and where I have come from. I highly recommend working with her.

– Melissa Maher, Mississauga, ON, CAN

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