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Soul Therapist Sessions are an intelligent energy that works in harmonizing and awakening your authentic self, the true you from within.

These powerful healing programs of weekly 1-hour one on one soul therapist sessions support women in exploring unconscious belief systems and unhealed emotions that no longer serve you that you are not yet aware of that are affecting you.

Maybe you notice a desire to begin living passionately and abundantly, longing to break free from pain of the past. What would it mean to you to feel safe, secure and clear in your emotions, thoughts, body, and spirit? Do you know what it feels like to have a relationship with yourself on a spirit and soul level? Building a relationship and nurturing these parts of yourself are essential to your overall health, happiness and freedom.

Working with a professionally trained licensed soul therapist from Soul Therapy School® provides a sacred space for your soul to communicate your core truth.

soul therapist sessions

What is a Soul Therapist?

A Licensed Soul Therapist provides you the tools and techniques to live your life empowered from the Soul level. She enables you to release, restore & heal the past; embrace the future with confidence, and gain an understanding of your true worth in the world through self-love. How much do you desire to fully love and accept yourself? What are the stories that are unhealed within you that led to the creation of your feelings of disempowerment, low self-worth, feeling unloved, codependent, and disassociated from your authentic self? Maybe you don’t even know who your authentic self is and now is the time you feel called to get to know her.

Often times clients for this work feel drawn to it and don’t know why. They feel a connection and can’t shake it off thinking about it. This is your Soul prompting you to show up to heal and receive deeper insights about your life path journey so that you can evolve and fulfill your life purpose. Do you know how to sit with your Soul and listen to her wisdom?

Receiving the intuitive support and guidance of a professionally trained educator who supports you in the eradication of pain and suffering from your human conditioning elevates your conscious awareness with gentleness, love, and compassion.

soul therapist sessions

The Human Condition

The effects of the human condition is experienced as disassociation. Human conditioning constricts, controls, limits and inhibits the true expression of your spirit. Examples of this show up in not knowing who you are, uncertainty about your life, and loss of connection to the world around you, your emotions, and being unable to connect with your conscious mind. It is used as a defense mechanism to pain or suffering.

The human condition is like a safety valve that automatically gets triggered when it fears any trauma, especially from past experiences.

soul therapist sessions

How does it work?

You and Sarah Christine will connect via Zoom once a week for 1-hour sessions. Your soul therapist will guide you into seeing what you currently do not understand about your life experience and to recognize your unconscious beliefs and patterns so that you feel free and liberated from your past. Your sessions are 100% confidential and provide a safe, loving, supportive space for you to be in full self-expression.

I’ve had such an incredible experience working with Sarah. In just a few short weeks, so much has altered and changed.

Sarah knows how to fully show up for you and guide you through each session. We laugh together and she holds space while I cry. The veils that have been lifted have been there for years, and because of the amazing work she offers, I finally see myself in a different light and accept myself where I am and where I have come from. I highly reccomend working with her.

Melissa M.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Sarah is a gem to work with! She cares deeply about the work that she does and you feel that in your sessions together. I am very grateful for our work together and the elevated self-trust that was built in the process. I highly recommend her!

Maria J.

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Sarah is an incredible Soul Therapist and Generational Healer™ — The way she holds space for you in her sessions is heartfelt, calm and very grounding. Her intuition is strong and she is deeply attuned to your soul and heart’s desires, ultimately leading you to a greater connection with your own authentic self. I highly recommend Sarah all the time! 🙂

Vanessa F

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This week was my 11th Soul Therapy session with Sarah. Sarah has helped me connect with my Spirit, Soul and Heart, where before, I was very disconnected. She has brought so many new things to my awareness. She helps me work through my pains, my emotions, my struggles. She has taught me the importance of self love and getting to know and love myself on a very deep level. I come to new realizations every time we meet as well as in between sessions. Sarah is very intuitive, and has a beautiful, gentle way of helping you work through your stuff- whatever that stuff may be for you. I strongly believe that everyone could use Soul Therapy. We live in a world of distractions and many of us are so disconnected from ourselves and from nature and the planet. If you feel drawn towards Soul Therapy, your soul is telling you something. I am so very grateful that I met Sarah and that I listened to my Spirit and began Soul Therapy sessions.
Keely A.

Phoenix, AZ.

It was an absolutely amazing experience working with Sarah! She made me feel very comfortable and was easy to talk to. Each session helped me discover something about myself that I likely would not have discovered on my own. I felt like I was getting to know or understand myself at a deeper level. I was able to uncover the root causes of issues I was having and by doing that I was able to work my way through them. By the end of our final session, I felt so much lighter, as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I am so much more aware and connected to myself than I was before. I now take the time to self-reflect and have become a much more positive person. I can’t thank Sarah enough for what she’s done for me! I STRONGLY recommend her Soul Therapy to everyone!

Tish S.

Phoenix, AZ.

Sarah is a kind, intuitive listener and healer. She holds powerful space for you in her sessions. She would be a great support for any stage of your healing journey.
Nita B.

Tempe, AZ.

6 Week Awakening Sessions

The Awakening Sessions bring you to an awareness of where you have created limitations based on past conditioning. This awakening is life-changing and will impact any current situations that have been holding you back from experiencing your truth, choices, and life direction of what is best for you.

3 Month Heart Immersion

Our Heart Immersion 3 month Soul Therapy Programs is dedicated to women who desire to communicate their truth from an authentic place of personal compassion and deep understanding of who they are. During your 3 month Heart Immersion, you will come to understand yourself better than you ever have, knowing what decisions are in perfect alignment for you to move forward in life courageously while loving yourself tenderly and fiercely.

6 Month Life Path Journey

Your Life Path Journey is a deep exploration of discovering who you are, why are you here and what life path is the most beneficial and rewarding for you. You will come to understand how your life path influences how you feel about your body and your thoughts.

You will discover how your emotions can be the inspiration of creating abundance, while showing you how your spirit can lead you into your greatest journey in life. These influences will heal your relationships with your family, friends and lovers, as well as create a healthy future of expressing your truth. This will be done in a powerful way that exemplifies your authentic self, enabling you to carry out the mission that you came here to complete.

9 Month Soul Expression

Your Soul Expression 9 month Soul Therapy Programs provides the nourishment to uncover aspects of your true self and go deep into your soul expression. This program leads you to alife-altering experience of knowing compassion as a strength, using self-love as a launching pad for greatness, speaking your truth for self and others, and understanding how your core soul expression shows up in the world. You will come into the Soul Expression program knowing you want to shift your life in a powerful way, not yet knowing how, but feeling the call.

We will provide the how— guaranteed. As you are supported throughout your nine months of recreating a new you, the how will reveal itself. This is the perfect program for you, if you are desiring to live your life expressing who you truly are and need the support to reach your highest potential in all aspects of your life.

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