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Women’s Motivational Speaker – Speaking Engagements

I am available for interviews, workshops, teaching, panels and a variety of speaking gigs. If you are interested in booking me for your event, please reach out either by phone or email. I’d be happy to explore if we are in alignment to support one another.

Please scroll down further to check for my upcoming webinars and live speaking events.

Sarah Graham

Meet & Greet at Shindai Acupuncture in Sedona

Come meet and connect with me in person to learn more about Soul Therapy Programs® and Generational Healing™!

Shindai Acupuncture, 3080 W State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ
Wednesday, August 1st 630pm-730pm

Soul Parenting Seminar for Women

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Marina del Rey
Sunday, June 17th 9am-5pm

Self Made Successful Women’s Panel

Hosted by Saloua Ibiline
Friday, July 6th 6-9pm

Hera Hub Biltmore
2111 E Highland Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85016

We are excited to present the “Self Made Successful Women” Panel, where successful women entrepreneurs and business owners share with us live, their personal journeys to success, the challenges they have faced and some of their most important life lessons. We hope to inspire you to see that there are infinite possibilities to create your own definition of success. **link coming soon to register**

soul parent spiritual child

How To Heal The Dysfunctions of Family Pain Leftover From Childhood

with Sarah Christine Graham
May 29th, 11am EST.

Imagine a world where children no longer had to heal and recover from their childhoods. Dysfunctional family dynamics is an epidemic in the world across all cultures. The pain and trauma left behind for adult children to clean up is devastating and the impact of this is showing up strongly in today’s society. Children today are growing up to be less sensitive, less compassionate, and are losing the value and respect for human life and one’s spirit. We see this carrying over into adulthood of not living one’s purpose, repeating dysfunctional behavior, toxic relationships, minimizing one’s authentic self, and fear-based belief systems. Listen in on the conversation between Deborah Skye and Sarah Graham on how this pattern can be healed to restore heart-centered compassion in humanity and how you can be apart of healing this divide between parent and child.

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