I’m calling forward all the women all over the planet who desire to become the awakened soul. There’s so much destruction and transformation happening on the planet right now. We are being shaken to our core to wake the heck up and look at the world we have created. We as a human species have created the world as we know it. We can no longer ignore the issues within society and harm we have done to our beautiful planet. Humanity is moving through a time of prophecy that was foretold long ago. It’s time to face the music of our choices and decisions. It’s an invitation to dive deep into our hearts and approach life with more care, tenderness, and respect. I like to call this reclaiming our spiritual integrity and essence.

This starts at the individual level. This means looking at where we have failed to take responsibility for ourselves and the planet. The painful places where we have avoided out of fear, shame, guilt, self-preservation, and outdated survival mechanisms. We have been operating on an unconscious auto-pilot for far too long where we have been manipulated into our current way of living and existing. And you don’t even know it or realize just how bad it is because it’s so…normal. This is an epic time for trauma healing on our planet.

When did we forget our spiritual integrity and how to live as spiritual beings with a soul? Instead of powerless, lethargic, unconscious beings who are sleeping through life and compromising at every turn and ‘going along’ with the systems that do not serve us whatsoever. Our unresolved trauma runs so deep within our subconscious mind and body that it kind of tricks us in our daily lives. This is why it’s important to understand that consciousness is a choice. You have to make the choice to lean into and really look at the deeper layers of you and the world and start to ask bigger, deeper questions of truth.

You might be nodding your head agreeing with me and wondering, “so, now what? How do we fix this problem? I see it, but it feels too big and out of control. It feels out of reach.”

The awakened soul is you. You have to choose it and say yes to the journey. You have to trust it, even when it doesn’t make sense or is scary. You have to be willing to question everything you have ever been taught and are fed on a daily basis. You have to look at the patterns honestly and really see them to stop living in denial.

Do you really want to live with blinders on? Or would you rather know and see the truth for what it really is? Time’s are changing. We are creating our world and reality in all moments. Choose. Wisely.

Come back to your Soul’s essence and change the world. Don’t know who you are as a Soul? Invest time and energy in getting to know her. Become the awakened soul the planet needs. Get the spiritual guidance, healing, and education that you lack to make this world a better place. Take back your power. Reclaim your self-worth. Dedicate and prioritize time weekly, if not daily, to your healing and awakening process. And most importantly, love the heck out of yourself and everyone around you through all of it. The world and yourself needs a lot of compassion right now.

Shift from the ego-centric human self to your Soul self, the higher self, and be prepared to experience life in a whole new way. Where you feel empowered and renewed in your essence, who you are and came here to be.

You are on a Soul journey. The planet is also on a sacred spiritual journey. Always come back home to this truth when you feel moments of struggle and disbelief. Stop settling and fight for your quality of life and the future of this planet and for the future generations to come.

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